John McCosh
John in Boston


LightFlex Studios is like a good pair of slippers — we have soul and we’re easy to work with.

John McCosh — I founded LightFlex Studios because I love photography, and I love working with others. I work with other talented photographers at LightFlex so that we are experts and professionals in all of the services we offer.

I’m a Boston photographer, originally from the City of Presidents, Quincy, Massachusetts, and I now live in South Boston, while spending time on Cape Cod and the Islands I practice what I call “photo fabula,” which essentially means photo story. I strive to bake in the feel of action, of story, and of emotion in all of my work. I want it to please our clients and to resonate with their audience.

Specialities: headshots for actors, corporate headshots, family portraits; sports photography; wedding photography; videography.

LightFlex Studios
Suite 104
516 E 2nd Street
South Boston, MA 02127