Brianne Miers

Brianne’s earliest photography memory is receiving a hot pink “Le Clic” camera before a family trip to Disney World. Her love of photography was inspired by her dad, who’s always been a hobby photographer. She honed her skills over the years while traveling around the world – her first international trip was to China – and photographing the people, landscapes and food she encountered. 

After leaving a full-time PR job to travel throughout Southeast Asia and India, Brianne decided to launch her own travel blog, A Traveling Life. With a speciality in sustainable travel, she’s since partnered with many organizations, brands and destinations – including the Mass Office of Travel and Tourism – to share their stories on her blog and social media channels. 

Brianne is a freelance copywriter as well as a communications consultant to non-profit organizations. She has assisted LightFlex Studios with weddings and events, and has participated in many local photo group meet ups. Her specialty is making connections and putting people at ease.
Originally from New Jersey, Brianne has lived in South Boston since 2009. She currently lives in Andrew Square with her dog, Chowder, and is active in dog rescue. You can connect with her on Instagram at @brimiers.