Corporate Group Mini Sessions

Headshots are our speciality. We offer executive “environmental portraits” where we show you on the job in a series of portraits. We have our full headshot sessions which feature wardrobe change and long form posing to really find who you are in a forty-five minute session. We also offer the “assembly line ID type of shoot as well,” but the Corporate Group Mini Sessions are a great option to handle a wide variety of factors.

Each session is ten minutes, still enough time to run through a full posing routine and even try a quick wardrobe item addition like a jacket. It’s a great format, and it leaves us enough time to build rapport and get a nice selection of pictures from which you choose your final image for editing. It’s a lot of fun as well.

If you can have ten or more people in need of headshots we can come to you for a ten minute per person mini-session. It’s $99 per person. Each individual will be posed according to what makes them look best. The individuals will pick one image from a gallery, from which they will receive one final edited picture. We can supply any number of backdrops for your headshots.

Some large jobs maybe require headshots be done in one to two minutes, and some of those may opt for no editing or light editing, which affects pricing. The best thing to do for that type of job is to message me and set up a phone call so we can talk about customizing for your budget and other requirements.

All headshots are portraits, but not all portraits are headshots. You want is dependent upon what use you intend to put the images.

A headshot could be close cropped on a variety of backgrounds and be used for ID badges, website, social media or any other professional looking use.

A portrait could be anything from a traditional headshot to a full body image, and an “environmental” headshot / portrait would give a flavor of where the person works and what they do.

LightFlex Studios is based in Boston, and we work with a diverse group of photographers, some of them students who want to learn the business of photography and the secrets of taking dynamite headshots.

Large scale corporate work has always been our specialty and focus. We routinely work with large clients who have high expectations. We know what it takes to deliver what you need and expect from your headshot sessions from the planning to the final delivery. Your employees will have a great time as well. We guarantee it.

Please call or email to talk about your project. We’d love to hear from you!


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