Headshots for Actors

I started my career by doing headshots for actors. I have so much fun getting you, your look, and your skill to come off the page. A headshot is your professional calling card and we’re going to put together final images that will have casting directors scheduling you for an audition.

This is a two hour session. You can do all the “looks” you want, and you get three final images. You can order more images for $49 each. Plus, you get all the images from the shoot in low res. .jpg with a watermark, not the RAW images.

This is a “tops only” shoot so it doesn’t matter what you wear below the waist and we will do a consultation call to prepare you for your shoot and help with your “looks.” I recommend you do a maximum of three “looks” (outfits), but feel free to do more.

Regarding makeup: Hair and makeup is available for an additional fee. However, headshot makeup needs to be basic. Nothing fancy or glamorous at all. The makeup should be minimal and natural-looking, and I don’t think men need makeup beyond maybe a basic powder.

Regarding shooting times –  Look, here’s how I see it. I’m a photographer. You paid me to deliver. I’m going to deliver. I don’t actually like the time limit thing because it’s not as if an hour into our shoot, I’m going to say “Well, that’s it, time is up!” lol.   I shoot until we get what we’ve got to get and that’s that!  Sometimes, it’s BAM, BAM, BAM!…..and we’re knocking shots out, doing changes quick and it just flows and we’re done sooner than later.  Sometimes, we go over.   


You’ve made the decision to shoot and this is where it gets serious!  

To quote Ben Kingsley in a film called “Sexy Beast” : 


(have to say that with a hard-core British gangsta accent!) 

Preparation is the key to making sure that your headshot session is exactly what you want it to be and that your headshots come out exactly as you need them!   We’ll discuss your goals, what you need for your headshot, what roles  do you TYPICALLY get cast in, what roles do you WANT to be cast in.  What’s your personality.  Your strengths, weaknesses on camera.   We get to the nitty gritty of defining who YOU are and what we need your headshot to say about you!   We’ll discuss wardrobe and “looks” and I’ll make suggestions regarding what to wear and bring.   Any questions that arise after our meeting,  you can feel free to contact me anytime and I’ll be happy to discuss.  (well, at reasonable times!)  

The main goal of the pre-shoot is PREPARATION and COMFORT!  Preparing for your shoot practically speaking as well as just easing any concerns allowing for YOU to be YOU! 


Prepare  yourself!  This is where the fun begins and the magic happens!  The day of your shoot we’ll usually talk before meeting up just to confirm details and cover any last minute questions and concerns.  By the time you make it to set,  I’ll be fired up and ready to go.  Before we begin shooting,  I’ll go over a few details about my set up and give you some insight on how I shoot.  I really think it helps when my clients understand what’s going on rather than just sitting there with me pointing a camera at their face!   I’ll give you some tips on moving, posing and how I’m going to be coaching you through the session.   It’s important to know that probably 75% of what’s going on is all about the communication between myself and my client….YOU! 

NOTE: I enjoy shooting outside at a location of your choice or my recommendation. There’s just an energy to shooting outside.

If we end up with a bad weather day/windy conditions, we will reschedule your session to the next available date/time.

However, I have a studio, and that is always a solid choice with total environmental control.


Ladies:  Definitely a must to have.  You can use your own or set up an appt at a  MAC counter/store with one of their artists. (recommended if an MUA is unavailable) They know how to do the natural look for headshots very well and are relatively inexpensive. 

Gentlemen:  It’s up to you but not recommended.  At most, some basic powder is needed. 


It’s not over….

As part of your session, I have no problem sitting with you and discussing which images will work best for your purposes. This is SUCH a CRITICAL part of the process and you shouldn’t be left hanging trying to make sense of what shots will work best for you. That’s part of my expertise and experience.  We can cull through the images together and toss the bad and narrow down the BEST!  (that’s a joke, there’s never any bad!) I look at this consultation as part of the overall job so of course, it’s included in your session price!  To me, my job isn’t over at the end of a shoot.  I take on a full commitment to each of my clients from the moment they book me.