Our specialty is headshots. We do them for actors, for professionals, and for social media. We have a rich set of detailed information coming, including a comprehensive guide about what to wear and what sort of headshot you really need. Please contact us with your questions in the meantime!

About your photo session

When you are met in person, or on Zoom, by people who only know you by your picture, you want to be recognized. So, you want to create a look that is you.

If you wear glasses then you should have your picture taken with your glasses on {see the tip below on glasses}. In that same vein, I edit photos to fix anything that can be handled with a good night sleep – eye redness – or with an achievable amount of maintenance – skin blemishes – or with a trip to the dentist – teeth whitening.

I can always go beyond these guidelines, and we’ll talk about that when we get to editing your images. Lastly, I put a lot of thought into lighting you for best results, including accurate skin tone rendition.

You can “fake it till you make it” on social media and even your resume, but people only need a few seconds to really “see you.” Get ready to see yourself looking great in your best light.

I’ve had people get emotional and tell me the picture I just took is the best they’ve ever looked. That is the most gratifying part of my life as a photographer; we’ll get there with the micro-adjustments and posing that I do for you in your session.

It’s easy to take a picture where you look flat and uninterested: your session is going to have you leaning into an engaging connection with your viewing audience that will make them feel like they want to talk to you.

Check out these great tips!

  1. Have your audience in mind, and dress appropriately. Is it corporate? Fun? Casual? Holiday inspired? Feel free to message me with any comments or questions.
  2. Don’t wear anything that is more eye catching than you.
  3. Jewelry. Yes, but judiciously. You need to be the focus of the image.
  4. Logos. No, unless you’re repping the brand.
  5. Comfort. Yes please. If you feel good you’ll look good. You want to be able to move as well.
  6. Layers. Yes please! Layers are a fantastic way to easily diversify your look. Think about jackets, scarves, or sweaters layered over your shirt or dress, and then remove them to capture different looks without having to change your core outfit.
  7. Footwear. If it’s a portrait you want (not strictly a headshot), then think about your feet. The feet can sometimes be a second thought, but people will notice what you wear.
  8. Colors. Work with your best coloring. Pro tip: ask some friends what they think your best colors are / check out a selection of your best photos and see if any colors dominate. Pro tip: don’t wear colors that closely match your skin tone.
  9. White. Don’t wear it: it’s disproportionally more reflective than the rest of you. If you must wear it, make sure it’s ironed, and layer it with another item.
  10. Black. Maybe. It can fall flat and be challenging to light properly.
  11. Glasses. A big part of professional photography is pro lighting, and glasses can frustrate your posing and your results with shot-ruining reflections. Solutions – Anti-reflective lenses are a huge help; if you don’t have them have your optometrist put them in for you. You could also borrow a pair of frames for the session. Pro tip: just take the lenses out.
  12. Know your best side. Most people’s eyes are not the same size. You usually want to focus on the side with the larger eye. Pro tip: check out a selection of photos of you that you love. Is there one side that shows up in your selection more than the other?
  13. Form fitting clothes are you friend. They avoid adding visual bulk.
  14. Texture is interesting! Textures like lace, ruffles, beading, sequins, and ruching add visual interest. Look for textured clothing in solid colors. Avoid patterns as they may detract from your face.